Citizenship & Civility (2012-2013)


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Date Title Description Contact
August 17-October 24 The Red Zone Campaign A whole semester of events designed to raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence. There are over 20 events about this nationwide issue. Sarah Carter (
August 17- November Say No To Bullying The SAY NO TO BULLYING campaign aims to raise awareness and educate students on the behaviors, as well as the consequences of bullying. Providing information and rouses, the campaign supports students' rights to focus on and excel in their academic pursuits in an environment of respect and civility. Jessica Nipper (
August 25 FOCUS First Year Opportunities for Community and University Service Glenda Hensley (
September 6 NCPIRG Voter Registration Representative Representative from NCPIRG (Michael To) who is responsible for organization and registering voters in WNC. He will be working with Andy Miller and the Center for Service Learning to achieve his bipartisan goal. Lane Perry (
September 8 CURVE Honors College Day of Service (111 students) assisting with project to revitalize Cullowhee. Steve Carlisle (
September 8 9/11 Day of Service Day of service with local community partners Banjo Dryman (
September 8 WCU Farm to School Project This is a multi-layered, long-term project that partners Western's education and nutrition programs with Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project and Cullowhee Valley School. Patricia Bricker (
September 10-October 12 (10:30am-1:30pm) Voter Registration Drive Students can register to vote at a table outside Hunter Library Mondays and Thursdays from 10:30-1:30, now until October 12. Beth Mcdonough (
September 10-October 12 (4:00am-4:30pm Mon & Tues) Voter Registration Volunteer Training A central hub/ location where potential voters and voter registration volunteers can come to solicit Q&A, be trained to successfully complete voter registration forms, and pick up/ drop off voter registration forms. Jessica Nipper (
September 11 Iota Sigma Pi- Day of Remembrance Activities A day of activities including troop support, friendly tournaments of 'corn hole' and a chance to engage with one another in a friendly environment. Iota Sigma Pi Representative
September 15 Day of Dialogue Intergroup dialogue will engage participants in a face-to-face learning experience with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
September 15 EDEL 416 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Citizen Science Day Each semester I bring elementary and middle grades education students in ti the park. We'll be heading up to Purchase Knob in Haywood County of Saturday 9/15. Patricia Bricker (
September 15 Steve Birdine Speaker A speaker on...affirmation and action. Mike Coreli (
September 16 Allies Picnic Geared to celebrate our allies among the many local organizations including Family Circle, UNITY, Safe Zone Program, Out in the Mountains, PFLAG and more! It's time to fellowship, network, and affirm the LGBTQIA presence on campus.
September 17 Unintentional Racism Participants will explore the concepts of white privilege and micro-aggression in the classroom and local community. Students will learn how to apply mindfulness and other self-awareness techniques that will increase cultural competence.
September 17 (3:30pm @ Blue Ridge Hall) Too Much (or Not Enough) Free Speech? The First Amendment and U.S. Elections This panel will feature experts discussing freedom of speech issues and elections, with an emphasis on corporations and elections. Todd Collins (
September 17 (11am-2pm) UC Lawn & Classrooms WCU Citizenship Quiz WCU students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge if US government and history for prizes. Quiz will open to all on the UC lawn and proctored in several classes. Todd Collins (
September 17-October 1 Red Zone Service Project Preparation Partnering with REACH of Macon County Serving Jackson to bring awareness and resource information on domestic violence and sexual assault. Jen Nickel (
September 18 Comedian Tracey Ashley Known for her seamless story-telling, sharp topical material and hilarious punch lines Tracey Ashley is a comedian on the rise.
September 19 Tim Wise Speaker A speaker on...Tim Wise is a white anti-racist writer and activist in the U.S. Racism in America how far have we come and how far are we going" James Felton (
September 20 Diversity Open Mica Come and be entertained by selections from members of WCU's spoken word art group "Truthwriters"
September 20 Beastly: A not-so happily ever after Think fairy tales are romantic? Do you sometimes wish that your relationship could be like one? Fairy tales may not have the happy ending that you the firm Beastly many red flats of dating violence are masked by the romantic portrayal of Lindsay and Kyle's relationship.
September 21 NCCPA Day of Service A day of service in the name of CPA students and statewide members. Sue Swanger (
September 24 Anti-Bullying Campaign The Anti-Bullying Campaign aims to bring awareness and educate students on the behaviors, as well as the consequences, of bullying by providing students with resources and support. The university strives to uphold morals and standards of character so students can excel in their academic studies. Glenda Hensley ( Jessica Nipper (
September 25 (UC Lawn) Whee Vote In conjunction with National Voter Registration Day, students will be able to register to vote at various location on campus and participate in a number of exciting and fun events! Todd Collins (
September 26 Red Zone & Say No to Bullying Take Back the Night Angela Roses's decade or work on the issue of sexual violence has made her a highly-respected, engaging speaker and an expert on sexual assault and violence prevention. She is also widely recognized as an advocate for survivor. Sarah Carter ( Jessica Nipper (
September 29 Mountain Heritage Day WCU's free festival of Appalachian culture also will include 100 booths of the region's finest arts and crafts and 30 vendors selling tempting festival food. Jennifer Cooper (
Fall Semester (Hunter Library) Art the Vote A collaborative project with political science classes and art classes to create visual images concerning voting. Student art will be displayed in the Hunter Library. Niall Michelsen (
Late September or Mid October Vote Mob (We the people...) A Constitution focused, "We the people..." flash/vote mob where different students participate by reading the preamble of the U.S. Constitution and then end with a reminder for people to vote. Lane Perry (
October 3 Red Zone: Service Project Implementation Partnering with REACH of Macon County serving Jackson to bring awareness and resource information on domestic violence and sexual assault. Jen Nickel (
October 3 (8:30-10) DEBATE: Presidential Topic Domestic Policy Domestic policy debate between Obama and Romney
October 4-5 Rooted in the Mountains This is a 3rd Annual Symposium designed to integrate indigenous knowledge, language, health and environment. Pam Duncan (
October 9 Invisible Children Screening Kony initiative and ending genocide in Sudan/Uganda Banjo Dryman (
October 10
Presidential Debate Presidential Debate Lane Perry (
October 11 (8:30-10) DEBATE: Vice Presidential Debate Foreign and domestic policy debate between Biden and Ryan
October 13-18 Alternative Break- Nashville Week of safe, alternative break activities in Nashville in the name of service, learning and reflection. Banjo Dryman (
Early October "Cats to Class" Advanced undergraduates will speak to high school classes concerning the importance of voting, how to register, and the 2012 election. Todd Collins (
Mid October NCDOT Career Fair Event (ABC Construction) They are assisting the NCDOT with a career fair event for high school students in Waynesville in October where 1300-1500 building trades students will enjoy the day with companies, local post-secondary schools and the NCDOT. Bob Ford (
Mid October The Community Table: Raised Garden Beds The community table will be receiving a raised bed herb garden which will be the final leg of the renovation of their new facility in Sylva. Bob Ford (
October 27 Make a Difference Day A day of service in the name of embracing policy. Banjo Dryman (
Late October Discovering Civility over Coffee Matched dialogue teams based on differing political beliefs and perspectives. Each dialogue team will follow guidelines on how to facilitate a civil conversation over coffee. Lane Perry (
October 22 (8:30-10) DEBATE: Presidential Topic 3 Foreign policy debate between Obama and Romney.
October 23 (7:00-8:30) DEBATE: Rogers vs. Meadows Congressional Debate Congressional debate for the 11th district of NC. Todd Collins (
October 24 (tentative) Paul Loeb Speaker A speaker on....Citizenship & Civility and author of "Soul of Citizen" Lane Perry ( -
October 25 Voter Education Forum Blue Ridge Lane Perry (
Early November (tentative) Circle of Light A course specific initiative out of the Fine Arts College where luminous glass jars will be sued to present and symbolize the issues of incivility in order to shine light on the ugliness that plagues our society and to illuminate the undiscusable. Amy Cherry (
November 6 Student post-election "Student post-election. on-campus interviews. Who voted and why?" will be taken place by the Fountain. Enrique Gomez
November 6(7pm-12am) Watch Party This is an event held in place for Citizenship & Civility and will take place in the Cat's Den.
November 10-17 National Hunger/ Homeless Awareness Week A week dedicated discussing the causes of homelessness and hunger. Banjo Dryman (
November 12-16 International Week: Global Citizenship A week dedicated to discussing, living, and interacting with WCU's international student population and exploring the concept of Global Citizenship. Claudia Bryant (
November 12-16 International Film Festival Films screened from South Korea, Chile, and New Zealand with reflective discussion to follow. Each film will have an element or connection to Citizenship and/or Civility. Claudia Bryant ( Lane Perry (
Mid November Preparing for Winter: Cutting, Splitting, & Serving Students will be cutting, splitting, and hauling fire wood this fall to those less fortunate in the surrounding community. Bob Ford (
Mid November Andrews High School Field House Students are in the process of finalizing a project for the Andrews High School where they planned and developed a set of building plans for a potential field house. Their work has been set off to Raleigh fro approval and if it is accepted they will proceed in helping secure the funding to accomplish the task. Bob Ford (rwford@email.wcu.du)
Mid November House Building with Methodist Church Sometime in November students will assist the Methodist Church Fanschal youth group complete two small houses in the community. Bob Ford (
Mid Novrmber Sylva Animal Hospital Vet Clinic Build The Sylva Animal Hochbett House is in the process of building a new vet clinic and the stduents will be aassisting them throughout the process. Bob Ford (
Late December Social Justice Institute James Felton (
January 21 Martin Luther King Day of Service I A day of service in the name and remembrance of MLK Banjo Dryman (
January 26 Martin Luther King Day of Service II A day of service in the name and remembrance of MLK Banjo Dryman (
Janaury 29 8th Annual Service Learning Fair A day of celebration and information with regard to WCU's and CSL's community partners from Western North Carolina. Jennifer Cooper (
February 4 Walking Exhibit Open Reception and Presentation- Celebrating our own taking a look at our leaders Intercultural Affairs
February 5 Walking Exhibit Movie and Discussion- The Great Debaters Intercultural Affairs
February 6 Walking Exhibit "Got Swagga? Exploring Social Justice Using Hip-Hop Elements" Presenter: Carl Moore Intercultural Affairs
February 21
February 28
March 7
March 14
March 21
April 4
Sylva Community Garden Workday The garden will have workdays every Thursday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Volunteers can help with a variety of activities including planting, weeding, watering, turning compost, and lots more. No experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. Jennifer Cooper 818 227 2595
March 1
March 2
The Vagina Monologues The purpose of this annual production is to raise money and awareness for local organizations that work to stop violence against women and girls. In 2011, over 5,800 V-Day benefit events took place around the world, educating millions of people about the reality of violence against women and girls. Volunteers are needed on March 1 and 2 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm in the UC Grand Room. Volunteers will help with program distribution, ticket sales, surveillance, tabling, etc. Sarah Carter
February 2
March 2
Project FIRE workday Project FIRE prepares and delivers firewood to low-income elderly Jackson County residents, many of whom have no other way to cook or heat their homes. Volunteers can help cut, split, and deliver wood at the monthly workdays. No experience is necessary. The group will meet at the Project FIRE woodlot on Mineral Springs Road, behind the recycling center & Pathways for the Future office. Volunteers with pickup trucks are particularly welcome. Ben Friddle at 828.631.8040 or
February 9 Black Hair Expo Volunteers are needed on Saturday, Febuary 9 to help with the Black Hair Expo taking place at Cullowhee Presbyterian from 10:00am to 6:00pm. The Chamiese Marion Hair and Photography Studio ( will be providing a limited number of free hair services such as shampoos, cuts, curls, braids, locks and braids, relaxers (on request). Ms. Marion, along with her team of stylists, will be on hand to provide these services as well as interactive beauty trivia and giveaway bags of free supplies Sarah Carter
February 9 Camp Victory Junction Requirement Day Camp Victory Junction is looking for volunteers & summer staff. Victory Junction is a year-round camp where kids 6-16 with serious medical illnesses can go for free. The camp is holding two recruitment days this spring. RSVP by January 18th for the recruitment day on January 26th, and RSVP by February 9th for the recruitment day on February 1st., and to RSVP email
March 4 Hunger Banquet During this simulation, you'll get a free meal at the same time that you learn more about hunger and poverty around the world. The Hunger Banquet will be in the Blue Ridge conference room. It is free, but attendees are encouraged to bring donations of non-perishable food items. Banjo Derald Dryman or 828.227.2592
March 7 No Limits March This event is designed to celebrate the power, strength, network, and community of women on campus. Influential female faculty and staff members will speak about their challenges, strengths, and journeys. The panel will take place is the UC Theater. A march on campus will follow the panel. Refreshments will be served. Volunteers are needed to assist with the event. Sarah Carter
March 9 Dance Marathon Dance Marathon is a national event to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Participants raise money and help sick kids. The year culminates in a 12-hour long event where students stay on their feet through dancing, games, and entertainment. This event asks, 'will you dance for the children who can't?
March 16 Women's History Month Day of Service A day of service in the name and embracing of the history of women and the many struggles they have endured throughout the years. Banjo Dryman (
March 23 Habitat for Humanity 'Women Build' Habitat for Humanity is sponsoring 'Women Build' workdays this spring! Volunteers can help build and remodel houses for our low-income neighbors in the community. No experience is necessary, and the workdays are open to anyone who is interested. Kimberly Alvarez at 828.452.7960 or
March 22-28 Alternative Break- Baltimore Week of safe, alternative break activities in Baltimore in the name of service, learning and reflection. Banjo Dryman (
Mid March Koinonia Farms (Habitat for Humanity) Planning to take students to Koinonia Farms (out of which sprung Habitat for Humanity; the farm also had some of the first inter-racial living housing in the South, and it's still a living communal farm experiment, that takes seriously Christian commitments to social justice). Daryl Hale (
April 4 TRANSaction Day TRANSaction Day is an annual event to encourage dialogue about gender identities and to advocate for inclusive, safe schools for all students. Events will take place in the UC Grand Room. Volunteers are needed at various times during the day. Sarah Carter
April 11 The Clothesline Project Volunteers are needed for the Clothesline Project. The Clothesline Project increases awareness of the impact of violence against women, celebrates the strength to survive and breaks the silence that often surrounds her experience. Sarah Carter
April 12 Jeans Day In 1998, an Italian Supreme Court decision overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore jeans, reasoning she must have helped her attacker remove them. On Denim Day, wear your jeans as a visible sign of protest against the myths that still surround sexual assault!"

Volunteers are needed at various events throughout the day.
Sarah Carter
TBD CARE Conference John Whitmire (